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Massachusetts Commercial Drivers License

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A FEW sample MA CDL test questions are shown below from our eight individual MA CDL test prep practice exam booklets. We include a total of 670 practice CDL test questions covering the entire "POOL" of CDL test questions used on the actual Massachusetts CDL examinations. Questions on your ACTUAL CDL EXAMINATION will will be covered in this "POOL" of practice CDL test questions and CDL study material. We have many more practice CDL questions than will appear on any particular CDL exam - the person that walks in the office before or after you will have different CDL test questions than you will - if you have retake a CDL test; you will have different questions the next time than you did the last time. As an example; your CDL General Knowledge test will have 50 questions on it. We include (200) TWO HUNDRED practice test questions for the General Knowledge Test - you have to know them ALL - you don't know which questions will show up on YOUR exam . . . we cover them ALL! All possible MA CDL license classes and MA CDL endorsements are covered in the MA CDL Course package. You are required to take only those examinations that apply to your driving requirements. The Course includes complete "self testing" examinations and "self scoring" answer sheets . . . including all of the CORRECT ANSWERS.


See 670 Massachusetts CDL Practice Test Questions + Answers

Steering tires must have a tread depth of at least . . .
A. 2/32 inch.
B. 3/32 inch.
C. 4/32 inch.
D. 5/32 inch.

When driving on wet roads, you should reduce your speed by . . .
A. half the distance from the vehicle in front of you.
B. 1/3.
C. 1/2.
D. 2/3.

You're performing your pre-trip inspection for your Massachusetts CDL test. Where should your ignition key be?
A. In the ignition.
B. In your pocket.
C. With your logbook.
D. In the cab.


You must stop at least how far from a drawbridge, if there is no traffic light or attendant?
A. 10 feet.
B. 20 feet.
C. 50 feet.
D. 100 feet.

When stopping for railroad tracks, you must stop no closer than 15 feet before the nearest track.
A. True.
B. False.


The air leakage rate for a combination vehicle with the engine off and the brakes applied should be no more than . . .
A. 1 psi in 15 seconds.
B. 3 psi in one minute.
C. 4 psi in one minute.
D. allowed at lower altitudes.

You "put on the brakes" by . . .
A. pushing down on the brake pedal.
B. pushing down on the foot valve.
C. pushing down on the treadle valve.
D. all of the above.


Every combination vehicle has two air lines, the service line and the return line.
A. True.
B. False.

How much visible space should be between the upper and lower fifth wheel plates?
A. None.
B. At least 1/4 inch.
C. No more than 1/2 inch.
D. Approximately 1 inch.


Driving conditions are good. A 100 foot long combination vehicle traveling at 35 MPH would need how much safe following distance?
A. 8/10 of a minute.
B. 10 seconds.
C. 11 seconds.
D. Two vehicle lengths.

Triple trailers are legal in Massachusetts.
A. True.
B. False.


Because liquids expand and contract under different temperatures . . .
A. you must be familiar with the difference between bulkheads and baffles.
B. you must know the outage requirements.
C. you must be prepared for possible surge.
D. you must have a HAZ MAT placard in place.

Bulkheads in a tank and baffles in a tank are the same.
A. True.
B. False.


The driver may keep hazardous materials shipping papers . . .
A. behind the left side HAZ MAT placard.
B. in a pouch on the drivers door or on the driver's seat when out of the vehicle.
C. with the shipper until acceptance at the destination.
D. in a secure place that is locked.

What is the minimum distance from a Class 3 (flammable liquids) or Division 2.1 (gases) placarded cargo tank that you may smoke or carry a lighted cigarette, cigar, or pipe?
A. 10 meters.
B. 25 feet.
C. 100 feet
D. 300 feet.

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