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To obtain your New Mexico Commercial Drivers License (CDL), you must first pass the New Mexico CDL Tests that apply to the type of commercial trucks or buses that you will be driving. The NM CDL Tests include a General Knowledge written examination that everyone must pass, regardless of their particular Class of License, ie: Class A, Class B, or Class C. There are also (7) seven additional NM CDL Tests covering endorsements including Combination Vehicles, Doubles and Triples, Air Brakes, Passenger Vehicles, School Bus, Hazardous Materials and Tank Vehicles. You only have to pass the NM CDL Tests that apply to your vehicle/load requirements. You will also be given a three-part Driving Skills Test, including a Vehicle Pre-trip Inspection, Vehicle Control and Road Test in a representative-type vehicle.

The Congress of the United States enacted The Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986 (CMVSA/86) administered by the FMCSA which requires that all of the individual states conduct uniform testing and licensing standards for all commercial drivers. It also established uniform standards for qualification, suspensions, and revocation. It requires that no commercial vehicle operator may possess more than one license. That license MUST BE ISSUED FROM THE DRIVER'S STATE OF LEGAL RESIDENCE. Therefore, if you are a resident of New Mexico, you MUST obtain a New Mexico CDL. Our Course covers the specific New Mexico CDL procedures.

You can download a free New Mexico CDL Handbook that will show you the type of material that the CDL tests are based on. The complete New Mexico CDL Course package will prepare you for your New Mexico CDL tests complete with a Quick Review (bulleted items that you really must know) and Practice Test Questions with CORRECT Answers covering the whole pool of actual test questions asked on the New Mexico CDL tests.

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We are including the following links to information that is specific to New Mexico. We try to include all available official links, however the State of New Mexico often change their web pages and/or the addressing of those web pages. We constantly update these links, but from time to time they are not available due to recent changes. If you are having problems with any of these links, try typing New Mexico OFFICIAL WEBSITE into your Google, Bing or Yahoo search engine and you should be able to find your "starting point" on their web site. You should be able to find the Commercial Drivers License information by typing in "CDL" into their internal search (if available) or by following the Drivers License Services links within their web site. This is a great source of New Mexico regulations, forms, locations, contacts, etc.

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A Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is Required if you drive ANY of the following commercial trucks or buses for hire ANY place in the United States . . .

To Be Eligible For Your New Mexico Commercial Drivers License (CDL) you must ...

NM CDL Restriction Codes and Descriptions

To Obtain Your New Mexico Commercial Driver's License . . . you must first pass the New Mexico CDL Tests. Our New Mexico CDL study course is the very best available. Completing the "New Mexico Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Course" guarantees a passing score on the New Mexico Commercial Drivers License (CDL) test.

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